Can I obtain a printed copy?

Yes, a print edition is available for purchase in addition to an annual online subscription. Click here to purchase. In addition, you can print individual or lists of data.

Can I download the list to a spreadsheet?

No, the data is not able to be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

How often is the information updated?

Our team at Inside Retail is continually updating the data as new retailers enter the market. In addition, we conduct an annual check of the data commencing, prior to printing the annual print edition mid year.

Can I update my password?

Yes, click here.

When will I receive my print edition?

You should receive your print edition within 10 days of purchase. If you have any questions, email subs@octomedia.com.au.

Can I obtain additional print copies?

Yes, they are available for a price of NZ$100 each with a current subscription.

Can I obtain extra logins for my colleagues?

Yes, they are NZ$100 each additional login.